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Mission of the Rutgers Students Council

The Rutgers Students Council has a mission to promote awareness of the resources and opportunities to gain professional experience while at Rutgers

Goals of the Rutgers Students Council

  1. Promote awareness of the professional resources provided by the University.
  2. Serve as the voice of Rutgers students within the university.
  3. Work with and support other student council organizations within the University.
  4. Provide members with resources and opportunities for increasing their professional experience.

We have hosted numerous information and networking sessions with firms such as Acme Corporation, Globex Corporation, and Initech, just to name a few. Rutgers has been known for forging the most well-rounded graduates around the country. Graduates of the all majors go on to lead very prosperous careers and are of exceedingly high caliber.

It is clear to see why Rutgers University is among the best universities in the nation.